In our Foundation Phase- the curriculum is based on the following subject areas: Literacy-English; Literacy-First Additional Language; Numeracy and Life Skills. In Intermediate and Senior Phase: Literacy-English; Literacy-First Additional Language, Mathematics, Natural Sciences; Social Sciences; Technology; EMS; Life Orientation; Arts and Culture. In addition we offer Religious Education and Pastoral Care; Thinking Skills; Computers; Library and Physical Education throughout all grades.


Religious Education ( Grades R to 7)
Computer Lessons ( Grades R to 7 )
Physical Education ( Grades R to 7 )
Library Hour ( Grades R to 7)
Mathematics and Language Enrichment ( Grades 1 to 7)
Class Music ( Grades 1 to 7)
Learning Support  ( Grades 1 to 7)


Our Physical Education programme offered is important for the development of health, fitness, sport and recreation. Children are able to develop an enthusiasm for excercise and achieving an active lifestyle. To achieve this, they participate in vigorous activity and skill development lessons. The learners have2 phys-ed periods every week. Physical Education is moving along well. Learners' participation is excellent and a real highlight would be their dress code. Our learners are always dressed very smartly for Phys-Ed. Thus far, we have concentrated on lots of fitness & Aerobic activities for the seniors. The focus for the juniors has been Motorskills. We are looking forward to a great third term. Read more........
Educator - Mr Antonio Rossouw


Our new airconditioned computer lab is equipped with a main server, linked to a teacher's main station and a further 21 computers as well as a printer. All learners from grade R through to grade 7 are exposed to information and communication technology throughout each term of the year. Learners are taught the basics of caring for and using the equipment available to them. There are various educational software programmes which have been provided by Khanya. Programmes such as Alfi, Robo, K-Zone offers excellent Reading, Language & Math lessons and activities.
The learners are also able to acquire other skills, general knowledge and find useful information for various projects. They are able to explore the Microsoft Encarta Kids Encyclopedia as well as partake in fun activities when their educational activites/lessons are completed. The learners are also taught to do touch typing, how to create cards, brochures, posters and so on, by using various word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Paint, etc.
The lab is also used by our teachers during administration time and after school where lots of planning `and preparation take place weeks in advance. We are priviledged to have internet access for various resources. Learners are able to access the internet under supervision to complete certain projects or find additional information.
Educator - Mrs B Haydricks


Every year our school participates in interschool athletics, where there are a number of schools that compete. Our learners from grade 1 to grade 7 take part in these events and have opportunities to compete in championships as well as Cross country, Soccer and Netball. After lots of dedication a number of our learners have progressed to higher levels in the competitions.
Through the various sporting codes and opportunities learners are able to interact socially and learn about team work and co-operation. They are also able to understand themselves and gain more recreational skills for life.


Sport - soccer, cricket, mini cricket, netball,
table tennis, tennis, cross country, volleyball,
Dance—Liturgical and Hip Hop, Fitness club Art Club,
Computer Club; R.E. Club, Adventure Club, Photography, Public Speaking  

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